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BodyChanceは大阪のスクールを閉鎖してしまうかもしれないと心配しているトレーニング生がおられるという話を聞きました。大阪のスクールを閉鎖することはありません。 現在、BodyChanceは大阪に新スタジオを購入するためのローンの申請中です。同じエリアにスタジオを見つけました。

BodyChance は梅田にスタジオを永久的に所有することができたら良いと考えています。スクールはもっと強力な経済的コンテクストの中で継続すべきだと考えています。目黒にはすでにスタジオを所有しています。私も、できるだけティーチングを継続していくつもりです。少なくともあと10年は教えていけたらいいなと思っています・・・













Jeremy Chance
BodyChance 校長


*** ENGLISH ***


Dear Trainee,


I am writing about Osaka news.

Recently, I heard some trainees were worried that BodyChance might close in Osaka. I can promise you – this is not the case. In fact, BodyChance is currently applying for a loan to purchase a new studio in Osaka. We found a studio in the same area.

I want BodyChance to permanently own a studio in Umeda, as we do in Meguro. This way, the school can carry on in a stronger economic context. I plan to continue to be teaching as long as I am able, which can be at least another ten years…

Alexander teachers live long and healthy lives!

The other development is making a new schedule that allows both Osaka and Tokyo to be in sync. Currently, Osaka is closed on Monday and Wednesday, whereas Tokyo is closed on Monday and Thursday.

Starting in the 3rd semester, I will change this so Osaka is also closed on Thursdays. This change means the current evening class on Thursday will now move to Friday evenings.

We will continue to have the Friday morning class and also a class on Friday evening.

Osaka also has access to BodyChance’s online classes. These are represented on your Osaka calendar as black boxes. They are also listed in the Osaka google calendar available at the Trainee area of the Pro website.

Online lessons will continue to be offered as a permanent feature of BodyChance’s school. This will give Osaka trainees access to more classes, giving you more flexibility to fulfil your attendance requirements.

You can view the classes from the course you are enrolled in at a later time for no additional cost. While attendance to a Zoom class is the same as attending the Studio, you can watch the recordings freely without using your attendance credits. In this way, you have a chance to benefit from more classes than you have in the past.

Please write to me personally – Japanese is ok – if you have any concerns, suggestions or complaints. Write to:

I will reply in English, and please use Google translator to understand my reply. These days, Google does a fantastic job in translation.

Once again, thank you for your support and continued participation in BodyChance. I intend to keep finding ways to improve your learning experience and run our school more efficiently.




Jeremy Chance
BodyChance Principal